Cocoa beans are another natural superfood

Cocoa beans are a phenomenon that nature has not been able to replicate; no other food contains as many valuable nutrients as this tiny fruit.
– Alexander von Humboldt

Scientists around the world have long agreed that cocoa beans have amazing properties. This natural superfood is a carrier of a mass of minerals, vitamins and fiber useful for the human body, and besides, it is a source of vitality, but the use of cocoa fruits in their original form is still not stream. But the high content of antioxidants in cocoa beans and a loading dose of magnesium (as well as vitamins B and E, proteins, iron, potassium, phosphorus, copper and zinc) make this product more than just a treat.

Health benefits of cocoa beans

Cocoa beans are an antioxidant powerhouse

The flavanols found in raw cocoa products lower blood pressure, improve blood flow to the brain, and fight cell damage and aging.

Cocoa beans are rich in minerals

They are an excellent source of iron, magnesium and even calcium. One cup of organic cocoa beans contains 429 milligrams of magnesium, which is 107 percent of the Recommended Daily Value (RDA). The same serving provides more than 60 percent of the RDA for iron and 11 percent of the recommended daily allowance for calcium.

Chocolate tree fruits are a good source of fiber

Without the use of special nutritional supplements, most people do not get the recommended daily allowance of fiber from food, which is 25 to 30 grams per day. Fortunately, this is fixable, as there are five grams of fiber in each serving of raw cocoa beans.

However, in pursuit of eternal youth and vitality, it is still not recommended to increase the daily intake of cocoa. Remember: no more than 10 grains or 10-15 grams of cocoa beans per day. We don’t want to turn into “chocoholics” or run around the office from an excess of energy, like a California plantain cuckoo running away from a coyote, do we?

Cocoa beans have a naturally bitter “dark” chocolate flavor. This, in fact, is chocolate in its original, unprocessed form, without additives and flavorings.

To paraphrase D.G. Brenner, we can talk as much as we like about the dangers of chocolate, considering it “sinful, addictive and impiously luxurious”, but we cannot but agree that a reasonable “dose” of high-quality chocolate can alleviate anxiety, stimulate the work of the whole organism and give us strength and endurance. So why not try out the superpowers of little cocoa beans for yourself?

There are many ways to eat cocoa beans. The simplest of them (and the oldest of the caffeine traditions): chew no more than ten raw cocoa beans during the day. The bitter, nutty taste of beans can be quite sensual, and the extraordinary tonic properties of cocoa beans make them the perfect companion for your breakfast.

Handpicked raw organic cocoa beans offer extraordinary richness and depth of flavor. Add them to smoothies or crumble them into yogurt and desserts and enjoy the flavor of chocolate. Crushed cocoa beans can be used in the preparation of cocktails, all kinds of cereals or salads from fruits and vegetables. If you enjoy chewing cocoa beans like a simple nut, you can mix the cocoa beans with honey, maple syrup, or fruit to soften the bitterness.

As for the preliminary preparation for the use of the fruits of the chocolate tree, there are several common opinions. The main thing is to remove the skin from the grain. Cocoa shell is quite hard and adheres tightly to the beans, so peeling it without effort is problematic.

Raw foodists pour cocoa beans with water at room temperature for 20 minutes. The shell of the grain is stratified during the soaking process, and you can clean them with a knife.

However, most experts still recommend roasting cocoa beans a little before using. Heat treatment may deprive them of a small part of their natural “usefulness”, however, it will protect you from possible pathogenic bacteria and start other chemical reactions with the formation of valuable substances in cocoa beans, revealing the aroma of the beans and making their taste more saturated. In turn, after frying, the cocoa bean shell that has become fragile can be poured with warm water and let it brew a little. At your disposal will be a pleasant refreshing drink, in its taste properties more like tea or nut infusion than cocoa.