Krupka – golden cocoa splashes

You can find cocoa beans, buy bean powder or oil, and there are also grits. The product is not very common in our market. Cocoa nibs are crushed cocoa seeds, an intermediate link: no longer beans, but not yet cocoa powder, nibs are closer in price to grains.

The beans are peeled, dried, fermented, and then the cocoa beans are crushed rather than powdered. It turns out small pieces that look like granulated instant coffee.

Chocolate chips can be added to ice cream or chocolate, as well as decorate cakes with it. If you want to surprise your guests, sprinkle a steaming steak with crispy grits and serve it to the table – believe me, the masterpiece will be appreciated. And you can also nibble grits like nuts: firstly, cocoa invigorates, and secondly, it’s just delicious.

You can also make grits at home: you need to buy raw cocoa beans in New Tea and grind them in a coffee grinder. Just do not overdo it, otherwise you will get a powder. Or you can do it even easier: buy ready-made cocoa nibs.

how many beans does it take to get fragrant cocoa

Buy cocoa beans: we found the treasure of the Aztecs
As soon as the first crop of criollo ripens on the plantations of Venezuela, a queue of importers who want to buy cocoa beans in bulk is lined up. Therefore, getting first-class cocoa beans is another quest. Don’t ask how we did it, but beans from the Miranda and Sur Del Lago plantations arrived at our store. We rejoiced as if we learned that the Mona Lisa was put on display at the Chocolate House. Now cool cocoa beans can be bought .

In the Sur Del Lago region, the rarest and most expensive variety of the Criollo variety, Porcelana, is grown. Chocolate beans are smooth and light, with a hint of ivory, hence the similarity to porcelain. Of the thousand flowers of the porcelain cocoa tree, only one develops into a fruit. These are very rare cocoa beans, so the price for 1 kg is the highest in the world.

Are you already breathtaking with delight? And you have not been to our store yet – the aroma is amazing. Come and choose from the placers of precious beans: Criollo cocoa beans can be bought in our treasury on Obolonsky Prospekt.

What attracts more – beans or cocoa nibs: you can buy and try both types in our teahouse on Minska in Kyiv. It is also available to order raw cocoa on the Internet – choose and buy from the top of this page.

Die Hard: What to do with cocoa beans

The first step is to buy cocoa beans, and then what? Further, it’s easier: if you want to make fresh cocoa, which can’t be compared with the powder from the pack in terms of taste and odor intensity, grind the grains. You can do like the ancient Aztecs: grind the beans in a stone mortar or grind them in a coffee grinder. I almost forgot: raw beans must first be fried in a pan for 10 minutes.

Pour the crushed powder with water in a proportion of 300 ml per two tablespoons of cocoa. Add cinnamon, star anise, your favorite spices. Bring to a boil and remove from heat. Fantastic cocoa from the Chocolate Coast is ready. We are sure that you have not tried such a delicious chocolatl!