Useful properties of cocoa beans

Raw cocoa beans are a natural plant product. A few nuts saturate for a long time and the joys of life. Having tried at least a few raw cocoa beans, you no longer want to eat ready-made chocolate … Cocoa beans are very healthy and, unlike chocolate, are suitable for everyone: children and the elderly, pregnant and lactating women, athletes, vegetarians and raw foodists!

Cocoa beans (cocoa beans) – oval seeds, chocolate nuts, fruits of the chocolate tree. Cocoa beans are the main component of chocolate, as cocoa powder and cocoa butter are obtained from them, from which chocolate is made.

Tastes slightly bitter with chocolate. Before use, you need to rinse or soak them for 1-1.5 hours. Can be consumed raw, with tea or ground to make chocolate. In addition, cocoa beans are interesting because they are cool inside, as if they were pulled out of the snow) In summer, when it is hot, this is especially noticeable.

Useful properties of cocoa beans:

– a natural antidepressant, as it contains dopamine, phenylethylamine and serotonin. Supports mental health, improves mood, helps with stress and depression, relieves fatigue;

– a strong antioxidant, due to which it reduces the risk of cancer, regulates cholesterol levels, and positively affects the quality of life in general;

– improves blood circulation and the state of the brain areas that are responsible for the reaction rate and memory;

– increases brain activity during the day and gives a restful sleep at night;

– have a positive effect on the cardiovascular system due to the content of polyphenols and magnesium, and also reduce blood pressure.

Contains epicatechins – improve blood circulation, and also maintain the elasticity of blood vessels.
Magnesium increases cardiac strength and improves the condition of the heart muscle, thus ensuring efficient pumping of blood. In addition, it reduces the risk of blood clots, and this reduces the likelihood of strokes and heart attacks;

– an effective energy drink, a cup of cocoa can replace a cup of coffee, but there will be no harm from it;

– accelerate weight loss and metabolic processes at the intercellular and intracellular level, enhances the work of the endocrine system, improves the fat balance in metabolic processes. In addition, this natural antidepressant relieves emotional stress during weight loss.

Having bought cocoa beans, you can use them as a healthy snack or drink with tea. Very satisfying, you can’t eat more than 20 nuts. And the body will be filled with sieve for several hours.


The history of cocoa comes from the ancient Mayans and Aztecs. During ceremonies and religious holidays, they made a stunning drink – cocoa, which was called “Chocolatl”. The chocolate tree is native to Central America and the Amazon rainforest.
Cocoa beans grow in the fruits of the chocolate tree, after ripening, the cocoa beans are divided in half. Under the shell is a pale pink pulp, sweetish in taste, which contains up to 40 bean-like seeds. These are raw cocoa beans, which are the raw material for making chocolate.