Cocoa is the food of the gods

The benefits of cocoa – the food of the gods

The benefits of cocoa – the food of the godsCocoa – the food of the gods. So the Indians called it and this name was fixed in the botanical name – theobroma cacao. Since ancient times, people have known about the benefits of cocoa. A drink from this plant replenished strength and improved mood.

Cocoa beans contain many trace elements and minerals. Cocoa increases lifespan and is a natural antioxidant, scavenging free radicals and reducing the chance of cancer.

Cocoa dilates blood vessels and calms the nerves thanks to the useful substance theophylline, and thanks to theobromine it increases efficiency. Due to the presence of phenylephylamine, cocoa is indispensable in the fight against depression, it improves mood and allows you to enjoy life, contributing to the release of serotonin, the hormone of happiness.

According to some reports, regular consumption of cocoa reduces mortality from cardiovascular diseases, such as heart attacks, thrombosis, and others by as much as 50%!

Cocoa improves blood flow to the brain, reduces skin aging, contributing to its youth, protects the skin from sunburn due to melanin, thereby protecting against skin cancer, and just a couple of cups of cocoa per week can cope with micronutrient deficiencies – such as Zinc, Iron and other vital elements.

Cocoa promotes the regeneration of the body and allows you to quickly recover from infectious diseases.
Why is it better to make chocolate from cocoa at home?
Many people know about the benefits of dark chocolate or chocolate in general, but the fact is that all this applies specifically to cocoa. What we talked about above can hardly be applied to industrial chocolate, and here’s why.

To make chocolate, factories use the cheapest and most heavily pesticide-treated cocoa varieties.

In the process of preparing chocolate, cocoa beans are processed at high temperatures – up to 250 degrees. That is, all the life-giving properties of cocoa are killed. Chemical treatment also removes all healing properties.

You can make your own chocolate from cocoa at home, while you will be sure of its freshness, usefulness, naturalness and ingredients.