Do cocoa beans do more harm than good?

Hot fragrant cocoa is one of the favorite drinks of children and adults. In addition to excellent taste properties, the fruits of the chocolate tree have a wide range of useful properties. However, there are contraindications to the use of the drink.

Hot fragrant cocoa is one of the favorite drinks of children and adults. In addition to excellent taste properties, the fruits of the chocolate tree have a wide range of useful properties. However, there are contraindications to the use of the drink. We will talk about all this today.

What is the difference between cocoa beans and coffee beans

Coffee and cocoa are very similar to each other. Both drinks have a delicious taste and alluring aroma, and also have a tonic effect on the body due to the caffeine they contain. This substance dilates blood vessels and increases blood pressure, thereby activating blood circulation throughout the body. However, cocoa has a milder effect. The reason is that, in addition to caffeine, the drink contains theobromine. That is why people for whom coffee is contraindicated can afford a cup of cocoa. For example, hypertension.

In addition to a similar taste, coffee and cocoa have a similar color – dark brown. But they are made from different raw materials: coffee – from ground coffee beans, and cocoa – from crushed cocoa beans. These are two completely different plants. True, they are both evergreen and can grow side by side.

Unlike coffee beans, the fruits of the cocoa tree have a fairly high fat content, so they are more nutritious. And the latter also contain a high concentration of folic acid, vitamins A and E.

The size of the fruit also varies. So, coffee beans are quite small, they rarely grow more than 2 cm in length. In addition, they are wrapped in pulp (like, for example, cherry tree berries) and look like grapes – 30-40 pieces in a bunch.

The benefits of cocoa beans

The grains of the chocolate tree have a lot of useful properties. We list the most basic:

Activate cell regeneration, moisturize and nourish the skin. These properties are possessed by oil, which is extracted from cocoa beans. This product is widely used in cosmetology. An oily substance can easily replace a traditional face and body cream. In addition, cocoa butter is environmentally friendly and hypoallergenic.
Improves skin properties. If you drink a cup of cocoa, going to the beach, the tan will fall more evenly and quickly.
Stimulates the production of testosterone in men. This is facilitated by zinc, which is rich in the fruits of the cocoa tree. The hormone mentioned above increases the potency and increases the activity of spermatozoa. Thus, the drink can improve reproductive function.
Helps build muscle mass. This is possible due to the presence of protein in cocoa. Also, due to caffeine, the body’s endurance increases, there is a surge of strength. Unlike coffee, cocoa does not cause an increase in heart rate, so you can drink it before sports training.

Favorably affect the development of the fetus in a pregnant woman. Contrary to popular belief, the expectant mother can and should drink cocoa. The drink contributes to the development of a normal neural tube in a child, the formation of a healthy heart and other organs. Cocoa also contains magnesium. This microelement normalizes the tone of the uterus and prevents premature birth. Additionally, the drink will cheer up the expectant mother.
Despite all the positive properties of cocoa, you should not abuse this drink. The optimal dose is one serving (250-300 ml) per day. Also, one should not forget that cocoa beans themselves are rich in fats and carbohydrates, so it is not recommended to add sugar and cream to the drink. Traditionally, this aromatic drink is seasoned with hot pepper. But if you can’t give up food addictions, you should at least replace sugar with honey, and cow’s milk with vegetable milk.

Cocoa bean oil: properties and uses

An oily substance obtained from cocoa beans is widely used in cosmetology and traditional medicine. It contains a high concentration of vitamins and fatty acids, having a beneficial effect on the dermis. If you apply cocoa butter to your skin regularly, you can reduce the size and severity of scars, burn marks and acne.

In addition, the product perfectly softens the rough skin of the heels, allows you to get rid of corns and calluses. To get legs like a baby, you need to generously lubricate the skin with cocoa butter, put on cotton socks and leave it overnight. For maximum effect, about five procedures are required.

Cocoa butter also allows you to fight alopecia – baldness, which affects both sexes. The method of using this product is simple – apply to hair before going to bed, and wash off with shampoo in the morning. The procedure should be carried out every 2-3 days. The oil is suitable for hair of any type and structure.

Harm and contraindications

There are not so many contraindications to the use of cocoa. The drink should not be carried away by people suffering from:

  • Individual intolerance to this product.
  • Hypertension in the acute stage